How can I create a driver?

Follow these simple instructions to create the driver you are interested in and add it to Alleantia "Xpango Library of Things".  

As you have learned in the Alleantia Library of Things you will find a collection of well over 5,000 drivers to connect many industrial machines to practically any IT platform or application.


Our wide range of drivers covers the vast majority of industrial machines on the market, by type, model, brand and obviously protocol. In the remote possibility that you cannot find the driver you are interested in, we provide you with a tool with which you can create it yourself.


1. Enter Alleantia Cloud Portal and choose here the Excel template for generating the mapping file of a Modbus, Siemens S7 or EthernetIp, Melsec, Omron Fins, OPC-UA device and create your driver


2. Upload the Excel file compiled with your data here to receive your .xmod driver


3. Load the .xmod driver on your Alleantia ISC by accessing the "Configuration" and "Device Catalog" section and try it!


4. Do you want support? Have a look at the following video tutorial.



Would you like to know more check the manual here below:

Xpango Driver Editor _User Manual