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How to create a driver for an industrial device with Modbus protocol?

The following steps help you to create a driver for a device with Modbus communication protocol and add it to your Private Alleantia "XPango Library of Things"

  1. Log in and access to Alleantia Cloud Portal;
  2. Click on <Things> in the menu, and go to Create <Things>;
  3. Download the Modbus template;
  4. Insert general data into the Excel file;
  5. Insert Modbus variables from the device's manual;
  6. Upload filled-out excel file in Upload Excel file in Create <Things> section;
  7. The driver is ready;
  8. Upoad the driver in section "Configuration" -> "Informations" -> "Devices catalog" of ISC Alleantia.

In the video below, you can find all the steps to create your Modbus driver.

HubSpot Video

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