How to download and activate Alleantia ISC Software

Follow these steps to download and activate Alleantia ISC Software for Windows:

  1. Go to the Alleantia Developers Area and download Alleantia ISC Software
  2. Downloading Alleantia software and install it on your machine
  3. Find the "Avvia IoT Scada" Alleantia ISC software icon on the desktop and double-click to run it
  4. Wait a few minutes to start all the services
  5. Open the application by clicking on “Interfaccia Web IoT Scada” icon
  6. Copy MACHINE ID (which will appear when the application is on)
  7. Log in  (if you already logged in insert your credentials or insert the credential received by e-mail, if you have not its yet)
  8. Paste the copied MACHINE ID into the “IoT Scada demo license activation” box and get your demo license file.lic
  9. Came back in Alleantia ISC software, click on “upload license” and upload the license file.lic
  10. Connect your device and start using Alleantia Technology

In Alleantia Cloud Portal find among the 5000  industrial drivers from the Alleantia XPANGO Library of Things the driver for your specific machine (check model and brand) or, if you don't have one machine, try one of our simulators (click here to find out how


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