How can I test Alleantia IoT Edge (ISC) as a simulator?

If you do not have an industrial machine or you’d like to test Alleantia technology follow the steps above.

Throught Alleantia industrial simulators, you can test how Alleantia technology behaves in an industrial context and explore in all security its features, without necessarily having an industrial machinery connected.

You will be able to simulate machine tools, PLCs and energy meters.

Following you can download for free:

To use a simulator and test it, follow the instructions below:

  1. Check the list of simulators above and download the one you are interested in  (.zip file that contains the actual driver .xmod and the related simulation dataset .dat)
  2. Move to IoT Scada Web Interface and Load the driver (.xmod file) by clicking on the "Configuration" tab and then on the "Device Catalog" button
  3. In the "Configuration" tab click on "Add Simulator Source" and then add the .dat file
  4. Finally again from the "Configuration" tab click on "System Device Configuration", add the previously loaded device and select "Simulation" as the communication port
  5. Save and select "Devices" from menu items to check your simulation
  6. Click on "Configuration" to move on Installation panel and click on "Devices measures and rights setup"
  7. In this section you can exclude the unreadable highlighted variables.

Watch the video below to see in details all the steps and start to test Alleantia IoT Edge (ISC) as a industrial machine simulator right now!

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