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Free to use digital twins to increase machine performances and to maximize production quality.

Alleantia XPANGO digital twin generation technology creates easily the digital twins for every type of device to solve any kind of problem. Discover our technology to take advantage from all digitization benefits.

By accessing the list of drivers you have the possibility to search for the driver of your interest


The library is published in 3 different languages, which you can choose by clicking on the menu at the top right, as shown below


It is possible to filter the results by clicking one or more items of the "Supplier" and "Communication protocols" sections


or you have the possibility to search for the driver via free text


By clicking on a product you have the possibility to see the characteristics of the product (description, commercial name, etc.), the list of drivers and the list of documents / manuals relating to the product, for example by clicking on Alleantia Bus for Arduino

05-1You can se the description and you can download manual by clicking on 06 (download button).

If you log in, you can also download the public drivers for each product by clicking on download button of the driver (hidden in the above picture)

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