What is the Alleantia IoT Starter Kit?

It is a Kit Industria 4.0, a useful tool for the final user to become familiar with the IoT world and learn to start to use Alleantia IoT Edge (ISC)

The IoT STARTER KIT is a useful tool for the final user to become familiar with the IoT world (Internet of Things), Industry 4.0, monitoring and control systems, plants, machines, as well as communication with thirdparty applications. 

It consists of firm Plexiglas base, a console with connectors, selectors and measuring equipment, as well as more detailed software and hardware systems and together with additional hardware, compatible with IoT STARTER KIT, make up a complete kit for the IoT users.

The power supply is included in the package together with one of Alleantia Certified Hardwares.


Alleantia Kit Industria 4.0, as said before, is a console that allows the user to interact in a simple way with the IoT world.

There are prewired and available functionalities described below.

Kit Industria 4.0 includes:

  • firm plexiglas base, 8mm thick; • plugs to install one of Alleantia IoT certified gateway;
  • firm plexiglas button panel, 5 mm thick.

The console includes:

  • On/Off power toggle switch, 16 Amp
  • 12 V power jack, 5,5x2,5mm
  • 2 Connectors 4mm insulated skt RED/BLACK for optional connection with the gateway (positive/ negative poles on the gateway)
  • DO 0 status LED green 12Vcc (DO0 on Yotta A-5289)
  • DO 1 status LED red 12Vcc (DO1 on Yotta A-5289)
  • 2 Connectors 4mm insulated skt RED/BLACK modbus RS485
  • 3 Connectors 4mm insulated skt BLACK/BLACK/RED to connect digital inputs DI2, DI3, COM (DI2, DI3, COM on Yotta A-5289)
  • 2 toggle switches SP On/Off 16A 250Vac IP67 for digital inputs DI0-DI1 (DI0, DI1 on Yotta A-5289)
  • Potentiometer with 22mm knob, equipped with rotation meter (10 rotations) (AI0 on Yotta A-1010)
  • Analogue voltmeter 0-10 V (AO0 on Yotta A-1010)

Learn more and how to use Alleantia Starter Kit Industria 4.0 with our manual:

Alleantia Kit Industria 4.0 User Manual

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