What is Alleantia IoT Edge Gateway (ISC)?

Alleantia is an Industrial IoT Edge Gateway software which solves the connectivity challenge.

Alleantia runs on a PC or a gateway with proper specifications on WINDOWS operating system, or it can be purchased already embedded on specific hardware (gateway DELL EG5000, Advantech UTX 3115, ISS Alleantia, etc.).  

Alleantia is developed to acquire, analyze, manages and integrates data from all, new or legacy, industrial devices/machinery and standardize it to be ready-to-use by Cloud and Enterprise Applications.

You can get data from energy meters, PLCs, CNCs, inverter, etc. and monitor variables suche as 
speed, temperature, power, voltage, state, both cumulative alarms and specific alarms, etc.

In addition, with the IIoT Apps, you are able to send data to third party applications both on
premise and on cloud is configured with: SQL, Rest API, IOT HUB AZURE, Dropbox, etc. 



Do you want to test Alleantia capabilities? 

Download the free versione (3 months of free trial) by clicking here


For more details on Alleantia IoT Edge Gateway (ISC) go here: Alleantia IoT Edge Gateway