What can Site Manager do?

When you link your Alleantia instance to the Site Manager you gain access to all infos about it.

You can see infos about the gateway itself: is it up and linked? From when it is linked? Is it licensed? What kind of license does it have? And what's the ISC software version? (remember, Alleantia ISC is in continuosly development, so it's possible that you want a feature that isn't prensent at the moment; but don't despair, probably you'll receive it in next versions)

You can gain info about the hardware where Alleantia is running: O.S, memory monitoring, disk space... and so on.

You can see also what industrial devices are actually linked to the software instance and their actual status!

Finally, you can also make some operations: you can obiouvsly manually refresh datas from the gateways, create backups and restore them, force the installation of different software licenses, to gain new implemented features... Much more operations will come!