What are IIoT Apps?

Share complete OT data with enterprise IT systems

Once machine data has been acquired, Alleantia can take it where you want it.  

Through the IIoT Apps, you can connect your machines to any application, on premise or on cloud.
Alleantia's IIoT Apps are a set of optional features available under license for ISC software to implement a ready-to-use, coding-free version of the most common IT data interfaces, and thus distribute OT data to cloud applications/platforms and vice versa.

Alleantia ISC can connect to the following external systems: Aws, Azure, Dropbox, Modbus, MQTT, MySql, OPC-UA Server, OneDrive for Business, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Rest Api, SQL Server, Yammer.

For more details on IIoT Apps go here: Connect Business Apps - IIoT Apps