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Alleantia remote access: TeleControl 4.0

An industrial remote access solution to secure operate technical support interventions remotely, intervening directly on controllers (PLCs, CNCs, PACs).


TeleControl 4.0, the first OT secure remote access feature.

Alleantia's TeleControl 4.0 provides to industrial machinery owners and manufacturers security in remote access of machinery, thanks to centralized control and tracking of access and authorizations, in real time. In fact, only the gateway administrator will be able to authorize access to devices in the subnetwork by activating the TeleControl 4.0 function, which creates a temporary bridge to the specific device.

TeleControl 4.0 enables trouble-shooting, maintenance, and/or secure remote configuration of PLCs or any other programmable industrial automation device.

For a machine that already has TeleControl 4.0 by Alleantia, typical Alleantia plug&play IoT features can be activated at any time for data extraction, transfer and encoding from the CNC/PLC/PAC to any on-premise or in-cloud IT application (MES, ERP, monitoring, AR/VR, etc...).

TeleControl 4.0 main features:

  • Does not require the use of managed switches
  • No new intervention required on the network for devices already connected with Alleantia
  • Easy management of device access via Alleantia gateway GUI or remotely via API
  • Does not require telemetry activation for connected devices (PLC database map not required)
  • No downtime required for implementation

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