Release notes

5.1.0 Version

  • Implemented IoT Central service
  • Implemented TeamViewer IoT Connector service
  • Fixed unique hardware ID generation on Docker version
  • Implemented connector to Omron Fins UDP devices (TCP was already present)
  • Added byte-swap feature to Siemens S7 connector
  • Fixed some reading problems on Ethernet/IP devices
  • Graphic improvement for OPC-UA, IoT Hub, MtConnect, Events, Alarms interfaces
  • Minor bugfix

5.0.3 Version

  • Implemented connector to PrintOS (HP printers) devices
  • Implemented connector to Codenet (printers) devices
  • Implemented connector to Comau robots devices
  • MQTT service refactoring
  • Minor bugfix

5.0.2 Version

  • Implemented connector to Nemesis (weight scale) devices
  • Implemented connector to Gallus (printers) devices
  • Implemented connector to generic CSV devices
  • Implemented connector to PVI (B&R plcs) devices
  • Implemented batch read on Siemens S7 PLCs to make read cycles quicker
  • Implemented custom connector to customer DNC for Part Programs Exchange
  • Added the ability to authenticate via Cloudportal credentials
  • Minor bugfix

5.0.1 Version

  • Implemented connector to Selca(cnc) devices
  • Implemented basic-auth security and permissions selection for Rest API service
  • Implemented User Management interface
  • Minor bugfix

5.0.0 Version

  • Implemented connector to Kognifai (naval sensors) devices
  • Implemented OPC-UA service
  • Implemented Remote Assistance service
  • Minor bugfix

4.5.0 Version

  • Implemented connector to Smartrob (robots) devices
  • Added multiple ways to gain software license; request Demo License / Redeem activation code
  • Added support to multi-instance databases for SQL Server service
  • Added support to PostGres SQL for SQL service
  • Added new RestAPI "heartbeat"
  • Fixed wrong test result for external databases connection for SQL service