How to set-up OPC-UA Server?

Alleantia OPC-UA Server is designed to make the field device compatible with the OPC-UA standard, thus enabling reliable and secure communication with ERP, MES or SCADA, which can read/write variables to the device's database.

1° Step: Check configured devices in Alleantia Gateway


2° Step: Configuration OPC-UA

From Configuration go to Communication tab and select OPC-UA Gateway

  1. Select privacy policy / Anonymous or with Authentication ( in this case you must insert username and password);
  2. Chose the number of Sampled memorized by IotScada. Used to calculate Mathematics Operation such as Max and Min Value Average and Dev Standard;
  3. Chose the interval of the sampled;opc-server-ua
  4. Select the variables and values for each device to export via OPC-UA;opcuagw_3
    • Click Enable OPC-UA Gateway;
    • Save the configuration to activate OPC-UA Server;
    • You can download a mapping with your selected variables.

    3° Step: Connect to the OPCUA-Server with OPCUA-Client such as UA-Expert.

    1. Insert the endpoint desideredopc-ua-gatewaygateway-opc-ua
    2. Select privacy policy;
    3. Click on save;
    4. Connect to the server;
    5. Explore the tree to search desired variables.

    4° Step: Type of Variables

    The Variables must be boolean, string, or numeric. In the last case is possible to calculate Mathematic Operation and export this in separate Variable.

    The Variables are organized in a folder represented the devices and an eventual block as  subfolders.

    The identifier type of the variable is the global id or es globalid_AverageValue in the case of the average value of the variable with this globalid.

    The variables must be exported only in read mode or in read/write mode. In this last case is possible to write the variable directly in the client.

    5° Step: Write Variable using UA-expert

    Click on the variable and edit the variable.


    The endpoint is the point that connects client and server

    The endpoint is formatted by several information such as IP addresses.

    Because is possible in one device have several network interfaces and each has a different IP address We configure n endpoint where n is the number of the network interfaces in your device. Be careful. Not all network interfaces are visible outside the computer for simple networking rules.


    The OPC Server is configurable with anonymous access or with authentication (username and password)

    The OPC-UA Gateway uses RSA 2048 keys and a Selfsigned Certificate.

    The port used by OPC-UA Gateway  is set as default 4840 but it is configurable by the user.

    An eventually firewall used to protect network must be accept ingoing connection on port used by the OPC Gateway.

    If you need support don't hesistate to contact us