How to connect Alleantia ISC Software to SQL?

Learn how you can use SQL service through Alleantia ISC Software.

It is possible to configure a database MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server as a destination of all data, events and alarms, taken from the IOT SCADA.


First, select the type of database to connect to IoT SCADA application, from the dropdown menu in the configuration window (Database type)


Note: Alleantia is compatible with UTF8 encoding. For custom encoding contact the support


Then, on MySQL or SQL Server database, create again a database with compatible structure with IoT SCADA application. Click “Download script” to download the script of the creation of a new database on SQL platform, that contains the data from the Alleantia application.

After having entered the connection parameters to the database (IP address, Port, Database name, Tables suffix, Username, Password), check the connection by clicking “Connection test”. the message “Connection Success” will be shown.

Click “Copy”, the configurations of variables and devices, configured in IoT SCADA application will be forwarded to SQL database.

The time interval for data forwarding can be set independently of the logging time of the variables. Set it in h, m, and s fields.

Select the desired variables to send by clicking on the "Telemetry variables" button:

You also do this with Custom alarms and events


Check “Send only changed variables in the time interval” box to forward only the variables, which did not change their value during the fixed forwarding time, to SQL platform.

In addition, a line will appear, indicate there the number of periods (1 period=forwarding time), after this number of periods the variables will be forwarded to the database, even if their value remained the same as the last entry.

After that, the service is completely configured, so check the “Enable SQL service” box to enable the service.

Click Save to apply the changes.

IoT SCADA software also sends registered data to more SQL platforms at the same time. The maximum number of SQL platforms to forward data depends on the purchased license.