How to connect Alleantia ISC Software to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub?

Find out how to easily connect Alleantia Software to Azure Microsoft?

In Microsoft Azure portal, after creating IoT Hub, get the connection string.

Insert the string into the box in configuration panel. Then press Create IoT Hub Identity button to register the device in IoT Hub.

If the registration was successful, Device ID will be displayed next to the button.

Now you can set time interval between sending next telemetry message and make other settings. It will send messages only for variables/alarms with read/write/alarm rights.

You can set these rights in Access/rights/alarms/events.    

Write permission can be enabled only for measures which can be modified from outside. The alarms’ permissions (A) can be enabled only for measures defined as an alarm in Xmod driver.

Finally, check the checkbox Start IoT Hub service to activate.


Do you need more help?

Check the manual at this link:

Alleantia Azure IoT HUB USER MANUAL