How create a MT Connect driver?

Follow these instructions to create a MT Connect driver and add it to Alleantia Drivers Library, XPango

  1. Launch IoT Scada and click on Configuration
  2. Log in with default username and password and click on Device Configuration
  3. Go to Scan for a MT Connect device, enter ip url of the device
  4. Download Configuration and use the downloaded file to generate a driver for the device
  5. Go to  and log in with your Alleantia Cloud Portal credentials
  6. Go to Driver Editor, click on Upload MT-Connect config and upload the previously downloaded file
  7. Check the option Add Suffix, to rename variables that have the same name and organize them in different blocks
  8. Insert your device name and click on Make your Driver button
  9. Go to Device Catalogue and upload xmod file
  10. Click on Device Configuration and add the created device
  11. Select a communication port and enter a description
  12. Click on Param and specify the url of the device
  13. Save your configuration and check the reading of the new driver from the Devices Panel

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