Advantech ADAM 6017

ADAM-6017 Ethernet I/O Modules


Advantech ADAM-6000 Ethernet I/O Modules offer a controller independent, distributed I/O solution with modular design for maximum flexibility. Powerful onboard intelligence makes them ideal for SCADA and stand-alone control applications. The modules have built-in web servers so their data can be viewed, anytime, anywhere via the internet. Users can also configure user-defined web pages to meet application needs. With this powerful function, the ADAM-6000 series breaks the boundary of traditional multi-layer automation architecture and allows users to access field data directly in real time, which enables seamless integration between the plant floor and the front office. ADAM-6000 can be fully integrated with standard HMI software that supports Modbus TCP/IP, including Advantech Studio.


Check the datasheet here below:

ADAM 6015- 6017-6018 data sheet

Watch the video below, to know how to configure the module