What is Alleantia Library of Things?

Alleantia XPANGO digital twin generation technology creates easily the digital twins for every type of device to solve any kind of problem

Alleantia XPANGO Library of Things is a simple solution that doesn’t require specific programming skills or IT architectures, so that any industrial operator will be able to use.

XPANGO is the most powerful technology on the market to speed up production and to make it more efficient. The Alleantia library doesn’t need any kind of installation program and is proposed as the most versatile solution on the market able to check devices production progresses.

Every kind of problem, every type of downtime machine: our library is ready to use and to answer to your questions in real time. Thanks to our technology you will always have everything under control.

With our Industrial IoT projects we enhance every type of industrial device and make every type of activity more competitive.