Alleantia ISC release 4.4.3

Check the new features of this release

Version 4.4.3

-Added software/system restart button

-Added notification during application start-up relating to incorrectly configured services

-Added management of permissions on SQL databases

- Fixed SQL bug log_timestamp and log_timestamp_UTC sometimes resulting in the same, despite different timezones

- Fixed bug rest API log data log_timestamp with the wrong timezone

-Added free disk space check

-A / API / v2 / license / info modification: addition of local time and count of variables currently used

-Fix default language

-Fix OPC-DA: the poller did not restore the connection after disconnecting the device

- BiesseIoT poller implementation

-AcousticInsight poller implementation

-MQTT: Implementation of connection recovery to remedy the stalls after reboots of the RabbitMQ broker (other brokers do not have this problem)

-Fix IoTHub: the device did not respond to configuration messages when virtual variables were present